First of all, Hon. Kelly served this nation and the city in many capacities with distinction for over thirty years, including being asked twice to serve as Police Commissioner to a force that has lost and to continue to suffer from the health effects of 9/11.

Second, Even though Islamic religion came to Africa before it even went to some parts of today’s Saudi Arabia, it came to Southeast Asia during the Shahabas’ leadership, it went to Europe in the year 711 and even came to the Americas before Christopher Columbus, still the Western World’s real introduction to Islam is unfortunately on September 11, 2001. So for Muslim activists to not recognize this real graphic, ugly, painful, destructive and game-changing introduction of this religion to a nation that knew almost nothing about it before 9/11 and has suffered so much from it since then, is not only idiotic but also unislamic.

In the 1990s when Rabbi Meir Kahan was assassinated in the heart of Midtown Manhattan by Muslim terrorists, it was called an isolated criminal act.

Around the same period when shots were fired on a van filled with innocent Jewish New Yorkers by Muslim terrorists inNew York City, it was called an isolated criminal act.

In 1993, when the World Trade Centerwas bombed by Muslim terrorists and scores of innocent New Yorkers were killed, it was still deemed an isolated criminal act.

Now, if the unfortunate game-changing September 11 and the repetitive attempts to destroy New York City ever since, does not force the Police Commissioner to utilize the maximum tools of law enforcement deterrence legally available to him, we better build chemical and biological bunkers for the next Muslim terrorists’ isolated criminal act.

When the Catholics in the United States were discriminated against, they used their grievances to build spiritual, social, educational and economic infrastructure for all people including their religious enemies. Today, while Catholics make up about twenty five percent of our population, 1 in 6 patients in the United States is lying in a Catholic Hospital; 2, 000, 000 students are attending Catholic schools today; some of the most prestigious universities in the United States were founded by Catholics; many of the charitable and relief organizations are run by Catholics; some of the most luxurious cemeteries are run by the Catholics and the Catholic Churches are among the finest places to develop one’s spirituality. About five percent of the current congress came from religious schools such as the Catholic schools. Not bad for an oppressed and discriminated people.

When the Jews, who up to this today have faced worst discrimination than Muslims, were discriminated against, they used their grievances to build spiritual, social, educational, economic infrastructure for all people including their religious enemies. Thanks to the religious Jewish pioneers for Kosher laws, protection of family values laws, religious Holidays laws, equitable private educational choice laws, religious patients’ right laws and the minority rights laws.Mount Sinai Hospital, one of the premier medical institutions, was established because of Jewish medical graduates who would not get employment from other hospitals due to religious discrimination. Not bad for an oppressed and discriminated people.

ACLU, as much as it has championed defending the civil liberties of all New Yorkers and we truly appreciate its noble task, we, Muslims, nonetheless must follow the examples of the Abrahamic religious communities in fighting religious discrimination, as Allah (SW) commended us to do. We must come together to help NYPD protect all New Yorkers’ lives in order for Muslim activists and organizations like ACLU to help us protect our civil liberties, not when we are all dead. The Media also, as much as I like and value your services, promoting peace is not on top of your agenda, unfortunately.

Finally, Allah (SW) said to Muslims to not fight evil with evil, fight evil with goodness so that those who hate you become your best friends due to your noble actions towards them.  May Allah (SW) continue to assist our Police Commissioner and his angels in protecting us all! God bless New York.



Sheikh Moussa Drammeh

Imam of Masjid Al Iman and the

Publisher of

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