Congolese sex workers expelled from south Sudan



By Godfrey Olukya 27-7-2012

Police in southern Sudan town of Maper has instructed sex workers from democratic republic of Congo to immediately close their business and

According to police, the existence of Congolese prostitutes in the town has led to insecurity, increase in robbery and men fighting over the sex workers. Men reportedly steal in order to get money to buy sex workers.

Security officer, Levis Lyong said that many cases related to the sex workers have been reported to police. He said that there are also many cases of men fighting in bars over the sluts.

Lyong said,’ Ever since the Congolese sex workers started operating in the town a few months ago, a lot of chaos has occurred. There has been an increase in crime rate. In order to return peace in our town, they must go.’

He said that some soldiers leave the barracks at night in search of the sex workers thereby coming into conflict with other local people who also go hunting for the same. They at times end up fighting which at times leads to deaths.

With rampart spread of HIV-AIDS in the region, it is also feared that prostitution in the town will fuel the disease.

He said that sex workers are also not liked by the parents who claim that they teach their children bad manners. The parents parents have fears that their daughters could drop out of school and also turn into sex workers.