By Mariam Kanla

The pro and anti putsch are still opposing about ECOWAS troop intervention in Mali. The ones stand for the interim president Dioncounda Traore request to ECOWAS, who solicited military support and the other are not favorable to any initiative related to whatever foreign troop on Malian soil in order to liberate the Mali northern region under occupation: Gao, Tombouctou, and Kidal.

The United Front for the Safeguard of Democracy of the Republic ( FDR, anti-putsch, Ndlr) had many a time solicited a military intervention from ECOWAS in order to liberate these three regions.

In a declaration released on September 5th in Xinhua, the same anti-putsch Front << praised Malian state decision to seize the ECOWAS, the African Union and the United Nation for a military intervention in Northern Mali>>.

FDR asked Malian government, Malian army, and people of Mali to mobilize and support Malian president for the liberation of northern Mali in a short time limit.

However, the People Movement of March 22nd (MP22, putsch), and the Member of Coordination for the Malian Patriotic Organization (COPAM), kept opposing definitely one another over this exterior military intervention in Mali.

Expressed in many occasions, the refusal of MP22 toward the arrival of ECOWAS TROOPS IN Mali, centered the debates of the 4th SADI party central committee, held last week in Bamako. SADI is founding member of MP22.

In this resolution, whose copy was left in Xinhua last Monday, the SADI PARTY indicated that the Central Committee brings it firm support to security forces as well as CNRDRE in their mission of request for our territory and reestablishment of national sovereignty and dignity.

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