LIBYA- According to a Press release statement from United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), International Organization for Migration has completed the rehabilitation of 18 water wells in 12 (out of 14) neighborhoods of the Libyan city of Sabha (Manshiya, Mashroo’, Hajara, Aljadeed, Almahdiya, Abdelkafi, Althanawiya, Sukara, Gurda, Tyori, Nasriya, and Junga).

It is reported that the project is part of IOM’s Community Stabilization program “Together We Rebuild” which included the provision of new electrical pumps for wells to allow the restoration of a domestic water supply.

According to the report, the rehabilitation was based on the funding IOM received from the European Union. It is made known that the United Nations migration agency contracted two local enterprises from Sabha for the project. For the success recorded, Activity of the project was closely coordinated and supported by local authorities, particularly the Water and Waste Company in Sabha, the owner of the water wells.

The report further revealed that the implementation of this project comes at a critical time when the city of Sabha has been suffering from an on-going water crisis, which is particularly critical during the summer season when water consumption increases. The Head of Works and Maintenance Department at the Water and Waste Water Company, Engineer Muhammad Aboul-Qassem Yaqa explained this in his remarks.

“We highly appreciate the support of the EU and the efforts made by IOM in rehabilitating 18 water wells in Sabha city, which has been suffering from serious shortage in water supplies. This support comes at a critical time when the Water and Waste Water Company is in need of such support to help us maintain this essential service to the people of the city.”

Badad Ganaso Abdul Jaleel, Libya’s Minister of Local Government confirmed the necessity of the project, noting that the people of Sabha and the South will find it helpful.

“The Ministry of Local Government in the Government of National Accord supports IOM initiatives to promote community stabilization in the South of Libya. We are confident that the people of Sabha and the South in general urgently need these important projects, especially in these difficult times.”

Responding to the new development, Othman Belbbeisi, IOM Libya Chief of Mission, on behalf of the organization thanked all parties involved, all those who have contributed to the achievement of the project.

“IOM thanks the Ministry of Local Government, the EU, the local municipality and the CMC for their continuous support, this project will facilitate access to water for thousands of people. We will continue to address the most urgent needs identified by the communities,” Othman Belbbeisi submitted.











Correspondent: Ridwan A. Olayiwola

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