Saturday, 27th of August, a man, by name Michal Klein displayed bravery as he helped a woman live a second chance. According to a report on New York Daily, Klein climbed to reach for the frustrated lady who had earlier climbed over a railing girder of about 20 feet above subway platform.

According to the report, Klein ‘risked his own safety to talk a suicidal woman down, climbing over a railing and crawl onto a girder, which was suspended around 20 feet above the Broadway-Lafayette subway platform, at around 3.30pm (local time) on Saturday afternoon.’

While other subway riders stood by, watching, Klein ‘followed the woman onto the beam and sat next to her, talking to her quietly.’ Klein noted that the whole scene seemed as joke in the first place but after learning from another woman that the poor lady made some suicidal statement before climbing over –he got enraged. The woman had whined that “nobody cared about her.”

“It was just like a random person who went over to keep her calm. At first,” it was “thought the woman had climbed onto the beam as a joke, but then realized things were serious when” another bystander explained what was happening.

Klein however stated that the whole scene having him climb to reach the lady was really unbelievable, adding that he never thought he could go that far on the rescue. According to him, the police had taken over the process and he hope that she will give life another chance.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done. I don’t think I would’ve climbed over to do that. The police eventually arrived, helped the woman down and escorted her away from the station.

“I just hope that she gets help.”


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