Dear New York City consumers, I want you to know we have a solution in reducing food contaminations and poisoning and our legislators have so far refused to mandate it. Yet with over 45,000 eateries in the city none can truthfully guarantee their food handlers’ hygienic compliance. Not one! Since we do not respect traffic signs without ticketing cameras, how do we expect eatery signs to be adhered to?

One of the most perplexing thing to me is our acceptance of the restaurant industry’s nonchalant attitude towards the safety and hygienic compliance of foods we consume from them. In the last two decades, technology has enabled many industries to modernize their operations more efficiently, but not our eatery industry because foodborne illnesses and food poisoning have all been trending upward in recent years due to the failed hygienic compliance of food handlers, from farm to folks. This cowardly failure has unfortunately resulted in thousands of preventable deaths (4000), millions of costly hospitalizations (48,000,000) and billions of lost productivity in the United States annually.

To make the matter even worst is the fact that two utility patents I was so fed up to invent, have been soundly approved by USPTO with less than $2000 retrofitting cost per eatery establishment.

At this juncture, I believe the only way to fix this problem is through consumer class action lawsuits and a coordinated political pressure, especially when there exist a system that guarantees a near perfect food handlers’ hygienic compliance.

Why am I having a hard time convincing our political leaders who are serving on health subcommittees in our legislative branches or the restaurant chains? I have not figured it out yet!

Even the Chair of NYC Council Health Committee, Mr. Cory Johnson’s office staff family member had recently fallen sick from digesting what doctors said were feces at an eatery in New York City, and you would think this would be no brainer for him to immediately take up this issue. He hasn’t. I am still waiting to have a meeting with him for months now.

To discuss or learning more about this system, please contact me.

Sheikh Musa Drammeh at: 718-822-5555

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