Muslims-Israel Summit

by muslimmedia

August 18, 2018

Dear World Peace Stakeholders,

You are cordially invited to the Muslims-Israel Summit to be held on Monday, August 27, 2018 in Midtown Manhattan, New York.

The Muslim Media Corporation in collaboration with other high-level discussants to the envisioned Muslims-Israel Summit have identified your organization as stakeholder to the summit peaceful conversations that will feed into Track I Diplomacy at the United Nations.

Both organizational and individual proponents of peace in the Holy Land would agree with the fact that for the past seventy years, the positive attempts and initiatives to bring peace to the region are not brought onto the world stage. In recent developments, the Muslim Media Corporation has participated in numerous conversations across all the three tracks of diplomacy and has discovered that there are a lot of ideas, suggestions and initiatives to develop a position that will feed into Track I Diplomacy at the UN. For example, the Israeli- Palestine conflicts are entangled in the complex maze of politics before role players like you and your organization can unveil the initiatives that would add value to strategic peaceful engagement and move the region closer to a durable and sustainable ceasefire.

It is for this reason that we identified you as a stakeholder in the Muslims-Israel Summit and crave your indulgence in contributing to the peaceful conversation that will produce a position paper to feed into Track I Diplomacy at the UN & OIC.

The program is from 6pm-8pm. We are going to send you a detailed program outline and further details upon receiving your reservation. Please send your RSVP confirmation to or call 718 822 5555.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Working Group
Muslims-Israel Summit.

New York City, New York – Gaza is dubbed an open air prison complex with the highest unemployment in the world. Hamas a terrorist organization. Fatah puppet of the West, and Palestinian youth martyrdom trainees. This is all happening right in a land regarded internationally as the “Holy Land” at a religion that pumps more oil than water and receives more visitors than natives.
Against this inhumane and unsustainable condition, we are hosting an historic summit in New York City “Muslims-Israel Summit” on Monday, August 27, 2018, 6:00-8:00 PM to seek a way forward between Muslims and Israel.
Certainly the Palestinians deserve better from OIC and Muslim leaders in general, whereas the Israelis deserve better from UN and the world leaders.
The summit is dedicated exclusively to God’s words about Israel, the Holy land and Jerusalem. No scholarly or political views are allowed. As Abrahamic Family, once we all accept God’s Words, our human interests and positions on the holy land can then be harmonized with God’s instructions.
We have some of the most authoritative Jewish and Muslim scholars on the issues of the Holy Land confirmed. The summit is a secure and high level intellectual forum. RSVP

Dear Muslim Leaders:
You have 57 nations in OIC including 22 Arabs ones. You possess and enjoy more natural resources than others. You numbered close to 2 billion. Your Palestinian families are dying to work for and in Israel every day. You call Palestinian families in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt refugees when in fact artificial borders were created by your invading colonizers to divide and weaken you. Our governments enjoy Israeli technical services and our peoples are becoming Kamikazes just to go to Israel for work and freedom. You maintain power and control of our destitute populations partly by blaming the Jews and Israel for your undemocratic and failed leadership.

Dear Muslim Populous:
If you truly love your Palestinian brothers and sisters, then open your minds and allow understanding and wisdom to guide your feelings and emotions. 70 years of public misleading from our corrupt dictators and biased scholars has been the single most deadly cause of Muslims in the world including Palestinians. With rational thinking and right attitude on the part of Israel’s neighboring nations, the Holy Land can easily be a peaceful and prosperous homeland for all Israelis and Palestinians, home and abroad. Therefore, we must cease justifying our anti-Semitism and anti-Israel by peddling leftist Jewish groups’ activist tactics. These leftist liberal Jews are a bunch of humanitarian souls fighting for the rights of all peoples regardless of who or where they are.

Dear citizens of the world:
If you’ve desired a world of peace, love and harmony, let us make the holy land a place of peace, love and harmony. We can’t afford the status quo. The rise of religious extremism and bias attacks has roots in anti-Semitism, anti-Israel and Islamophobia. September 11 tragedy and its related global conflicts to this date found roots and sustainable continuity in what is happening in the holy land. According to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every person is entitled to a homeland. So do the 15 million Jews.
In conclusion, If we all love world peace and Palestinians’ dignity, we must all support an independent and secure Jewish State of Israel. Ones the Muslim leaders formally welcome their Sovereign Jewish Nation into the family, a Sovereign Palestinian Nation becomes an inevitable reality. Thank you! #muslimsisraelsummit #peacefulcoexistence #lovingforliving #peacingittogether #love

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