EU NAVFOR’s military coordination with Japanese Partners

by muslimmedia

NORTHWOOD, United Kingdom, August 22, 2018/ — Working in conjunction with our key partners ensures we are a robust force with a variety of resources and key assets at our disposal. To that end, EU NAVFOR’s Deputy Commander and Force Commander have visited the Japanese Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft base in Djibouti. Here, important discussions were held about our continued efforts to protect vulnerable shipping off the Horn of Africa.

Deputy Commander, Rear-Admiral Giuseppe Rapese, and Force Commander, Rear Admiral Alfonso Nanclares, met the Commanding Officer of the Japanese Support group for Counter-Piracy Enforcement Force (DGPE), Colonel Takuro Sekiya. They also met Commander Yusuke Hasegawa – Commanding Officer of the Japanese Deployment Air-Force for Counter-Piracy Enforcement Forces (DAPE). The four commanders discussed the vital contribution of the Japanese MPRA as part of CMF’s Combined Task Force 151 and how working together with EU NAVFOR ensures maximum coherency between all military forces in the operational area.

Meetings such as these are key in the progression and development of working relationships. The combined maritime picture is essential in compiling detailed information for military organisations operating throughout the Southern Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the wider Western Indian Ocean, and thus in turn for commercial shipping to be able to operate free from the threat of piracy and other forms of maritime crime.

APO Group on behalf of European Union Naval Force ATALANTA (EU NAVFOR) Somalia.

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