Sudanese Ex-President to spend two years in detention

by Editor

Abdulmumeen Sulaiman


Sudanese High Court of Justice has sentenced Albashir, the deposed Sudanese president, to a two-year house arrest for money laundering and corruption.

Delivering the judgement yesterday in Sudan, the judge, Alsadiq Abderahman, declared that the jail term would be served in a community reform center because the country’s law stipulates that anyone above 70 would not serve a jail term.

For Albashir, this clause of the law serves him a cushion because he is 75 and therefore will have his sentence served in a reform institution.

Omar Albashir was convicted by the sundanese court for money laundering and this is coming a year after the former president, Omar Albashir was ousted by the Sudanese military.

It was reported that shortly after he was removed from power, several foreign currencies: millions of US dollars, Euros and Sudanese pounds were found in his house.

It was also reported that Albashir had been involved in several legal cases which have warranted a call for his trial at the International Criminal Court in Hague, the Netherlands.

Among these cases was Albahsir’s order of Darfur genocide that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

There was also a record of the killing of many protesters who early this year revolted against his government that finally led to his removal from office.

Following these events, it is much less likely that Albashir will be extradited to face trial at the International Criminal Court because the Sudanese military is not yet willing to give Albashir up for trial.

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