Nigeria‘s Kamaru knocks out Covington, retains UFC welterweight championship

by Editor

Abdulmumeen Sulaiman



After a 5th round of severe brawling with Colby Covington, Nigeria’s Kamaru Usman maintains his title as a UFC welterweight champion at the UFC 245 main events in Las Vegas.

In a fight which left the jaw of Covington badly broken, Nigerian Nightmare Kamaru Usman, defeated Covington via TKO.

“That fight was incredible! My love of sanctioned combat and liberal sensibilities united to provide happiness,” said Anthony Walker, Usman’s fan.

The Covington-Usman fight that started off in the Octagon was a strong fight as both at the start of the fight displayed their wrestling prowess, exchanging blows that could earn either the fortune of the combat.

“Listen, anybody in that welterweight division that think they want this, you know you don’t because I’m a problem. I’m a problem in this division,” Usman said after a first-round knockout.

The fight went on from round one to two until the end of round three when Kamaru with a right hand swing broke Covington jaw, a fist that took Covington off his balance as he feebly went through the last rounds of five, trying to find his feet.

At the fifth round which was the final, Covington was put to the ground twice and at his second loss, the referee, Marc Goddard, stepped in and thus declared it a TKO.

Covington left the arena in a hurry not listening to Kamaru Usman’s victory speech made right in the Octagon.

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