The mistreatment, threat and corrupt removal of Her Excellency Ambassador Maria Novich is the final nail in the GOP coffin.

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America’s public servants are the envy of the world, the pillars of our nation’s foundation, and the blood veins of our national prestige and international power. They are the pride of our identity as American. They patriotically serve anywhere, anytime and any assignment to protect, defend and empower their nation.  They earn and deserve our highest appreciation and honor.

In the last several months, we have sadly watched republican representatives and senators and their supporters cowardly abandoned their country, violate their oaths, trashed the Constitution, cheapen our citizenship and patriotism, humiliate our intelligence, public servants and diplomats, reduced the White House and congress to mere international circuses, disappoint our allies, weaken our prestige home and abroad, harm our national interest, replaced the truth with falsehood, normalized official misconduct, indecency, thuggery, hatred, violence, injustice, and ignorance. And more and worst…

without a doubt, the mistreatment, threat and corrupt removal of Her Excellency Ambassador Maria Novich, a noble public servant with over three decades of service for her nation in some of the world’s most dangerous theaters; someone who put her country first and demonstrates the best attributes of this nation, shall bring the Republican Party down and in the trash. The party is at a point of no return for disassociating with its founding ideals. May it rest in post trump peace!

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