Iraqi cleric calls for resistance against US in Iraq

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

Almuqtada Sadr, the Shia Cleric in Iraq has called for a fierce resistance against the US activities in Iraq to avoid leading the country to a war with the US.

Al-Sadr who made the call last Friday, said,
“We will do our best to prevent taking Iraq to another war.”

Earlier this month the influential Sheik, Al-Sadr, had ordered his over one million followers to march against US occupation in Iraq which he refers to as “presence and violation.”

On his Twitter handle Al-Sadr urged his followers to take to the street for a protest which would later be called a “Million Man Match” to end the US Military presence in the country.

“Go on soldiers of God, soldiers of the nation, onto a million man march condemning the American presence and its violations,” he tweeted.

Al-Sadr has also demanded that the Iraqi government should take all the necessary measure to prevent foreign presence in the country.

“We will exhaust all possible means in order to obtain a schedule for the exit of the occupation forces,” he declared.

After thousands of Iraqis have taken to the street, following his order, Al-Sadr then called for temporary halt of the protest against American presence in the country with the aim to prevent leading the country to war with America.

He also demanded that Iraqi government should close down any foreign occupation’s “Intelligence and war planes.”

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