Breaking: Rebels gun down Syrian military helicopter

by Akeem Alao

A Syrian military helicopter has been shot down in northwest Syria, where an intensifying government offensive to retake the country’s last rebel-held areas has caused a massive wave of displacement.

It was reported today that all crew members on board were killed as government push on rebel-held northwest.

People were sighted around the wreckage of the government military helicopter that was shot down in the countryside west of Aleppo.

Syrian state media said the aircraft was hit by a missile at approximately 1:40pm (11:40 GMT) on Friday near the town of Urum al-Kubra in the western countryside of Aleppo.

“This led the helicopter to crash, killing all crew on board,” SANA news agency said.

Information on who was behind the incident is yet to be provided.

However, there was an indication that the helicopter was struck down while it was flying over the western Aleppo province.

The incident came days after rebels said they had downed another government helicopter on Tuesday near the town of Nairab.

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