Experts alert on the possibility of security threat from climate change

by Muizat Hameed

A host of US security, military and intelligence experts has alerted the public on the possibility of a catastrophic threat to global security as a result of the climate change.

The expert stressed that people had lost their lives, fallen ill and battled scarce water and food.

The Center of Climate and Security disclosed this in a report on Monday 24, February  2020.

The experts stated in the report that, “Pressures from global warming could intensify political tensions, unrest and conflicts. Apart from that, it could fuel violent extremism and break down government security systems.”

However, they cited war-torn countries in Africa and the Middle East as the most at risk. They added that industrialized regions are vulnerable.

In addition , the report stated that even at scenarios of low warming, each region of the world will face severe risks to national and global security in the next three decades.”

Meanwhile, the report warned of displaced populations driven from their homes by rising heat, drought and dwindling water and food supplies.

A former intelligence analyst and co-author of the report, Rod Schoonover, said, “We’re really looking at a bleak future if we see more and more countries become fragile.”

US Army Chief of Staff, who also spoke at the briefing said, “I don’t mean to be a doomsayer, but, this is bad stuff.”

“My question is whether the US is going to lead or going to stand around and watch. We need to step up and say I’ll do it. Send me,” he added.

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