Democratic nominees berate Trump for poor handling of coronavirus

by Muizat Hameed

US Democratic nominees, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, have strongly berated Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Both candidates accused the president of contributing to growing worries by spending weeks minimizing the threat before declaring a national emergency n Friday.

Mr. Sanders said in the debate aired on Washington TV, that, “The first thing we have to do, whether or not I am a president, is to shut this president up right now.”

“He is undermining the doctors and scientists who are trying to help American people,” he added.

They however disagreed on the methods they would use in handling the crisis as a president.

Mr. Biden while taking a shot at his opponent’s option of leading a political revolution to sweep in his anti – corporate economic agenda, said, “People are looking for results, not a revolution. We have problems we have to solve now, what’s a revolution going to do, disrupt everything in the meantime?”

The debate came ahead of Tuesday’s nominating contests in Ohio, Florida, Illinois and Arizona.

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