Muslims, Christians, Jews in joint prayers over coronavirus

by Muizat Hameed

Leaders of the three religions: Islam, Christianity and Jew have organised joint prayers in Jerusalem.

The prayer sessions, which were held on Thursday March 26th, 2020, were aimed at combating the life-threatening global pandemic – Covid-19.

The sessions, which took place at 12:30pm local time at Jerusalem City Hall, was also attended by representatives from other faiths, including Druze and Bahai.

Franciscan Custodian of the holy land, Father Francesco Patton, highlighted the significance of the joint spiritual effort and explained that every religion was to recite a prayer according to its tradition.

“We will be together to pray to the almighty God that this pandemic may stop.” he said

“It is important because we are all believers with the same roots, and we shall convey our prayers to God, the Almighty.” he added.

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