COVID-19: Hollywood actor donates 1 million USD to health workers

by Muizat Hameed

Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has donated $1 million to provide critical supplies to medical professionals dealing with patients affected with coronavirus.

While disclosing the donation on his Instagram handle, the 72-year-old actor also announced the setting up of a Frontline Responders Fund.

He stressed that the donation aimed at providing critical supplies to health professional working with coronavirus patients.

The one time Governor of California wrote on Instagram handle, “I never believe in sitting on the couch and complaining about how bad things are. I always believe we should all do our part to make things better.”

“This is a simple way to protect our real action heroes on the frontlines in our hospitals, and I’m proud to be part of it. I donated 1 million dollars and I hope that all of you can step to support these heroes,” he added.

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