German Muslims suffer more than 800 islamophobic attacks

by Muizat Hameed

The German Government has recorded about 871 islamophobic attacks against German Muslims and their institutions.

This was reported by a Germany regional daily newspaper in response to an inquiry made by the socialist Left Party.

The Left’s Spokesperson on domestic affairs, Ulla Jelpke, stated that she expected up to another 90 cases to be added.

The report also showed about 33 Muslims injured in the attacks which was predominantly perpetrated by extremists.

“The hatred of Muslims continues to erupt in violent attacks, threats and insults,” Jelpke told the German daily newspaper

“Unfortunately, we have to expect that there are more similar ticking time bombs” she added

Two Muslims were killed in Halle, eastern Germany, in October 2019 when a gunman fired into a Doner shop having failed to enter a synagogue.

Another gunman motivated by right-wing and racist ideology killed about nine people at different bars in the city of Hanauin February this year

In addition, about 950 of similar attacks were recorded in 2018

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