Three Muslim doctors die on duty in UK hospitals

by Akeem Alao

Following the alleged lack of personal protective equipment for medical workers in the United Kingdom, the death of three Muslim doctors has been recorded.

It was reported that the three Muslim doctors, two of Sudanese descent and one Pakistani, have become the first medical professionals in the UK to die while fighting coronavirus on the front line.

While reacting to the death on his Twitter handle, a relative to one of the doctors stated that “Dr Habib Zaidi, who had worked in Leigh-on-Sea for more than 45 years, died from the coronavirus on 27 March 2020.”

Tayar, who was a Sudanese organ transplant specialist, had been volunteering in an A&E department in the Midlands prior to his death on 25 March at West Middlesex University Hospital in Isleworth, London.

The British government has faced criticism for the lack of personal protective equipment available for medical workers, leaving them vulnerable to infection.

One doctor wrote said, “If hospitals are to survive this, we urgently need adequate protective clothing. Otherwise we are lambs to the slaughter.”

To date, the British government has reported 22,141 confirmed cases, among them 1,408 deaths, and 135 recoveries.

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