Coronavirus: Medical workers in trauma over death of 100 colleagues

by Akeem Alao

Italian medical doctors and nurses have developed psychological trauma over the death of their colleagues whom they have been working with since the outbreak of coronavirus.

It was reported that not less than 80 doctors and 21 nurses have lost their lives in Italy.

This number excludes two other cases of suicide, following the pressure confronted in their discharge of duties.

While explaining the psychological impacts the medical staff are going through, Professor Fracesco Castelli, Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit at the Hospital, said, “We were asking each other who will be the next and that of course is psychologically demanding because apart from colleagues, we are friends.”

Aside the pressure from combing dealing with the grief of colleges and attending to the affected what, doctors and nurses are also scared of passing virus onto their families that they are self isolating at home.

“All of us have some kind of concern about bringing the contagion back to our homes. We live for one month isolated at home because we also fear to transfer the contagion to our beloved ones.”, he said.

He added that “If you put all that together…the workload, the fatigue, the tiredness…that is fairly psychologically demanding.”

Italy has recorded more than 12,000 positive cases among the healthcare workers.

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