Palestine rejects medical aid from UAE

by Akeem Alao

The Palestinian government has rejected medical aid provided by the UAE.

The UN-facilitated flight carrying coronavirus supplies was delivered by an Etihad Airways plane that flew from the UAE to Tel Aviv.

Palestine stated that UAE has poor diplomatic relations with Israel. It, however, shared concerns that Iran’s influence in the region has severed ties between Israel and the Arab Gulf in recent years.

“The UAE authorities did not coordinate with the State of Palestine before sending the aid,” the government sources said.

“Sending them directly to Israel constitutes a cover for normalisation,” they added.

They asserted that any assistance meant to be sent to the Palestinian people should first be coordinated with the Palestinian authorities.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said on his Twitter handle on Wednesday May 20, 2020, that “The commercial flight between the two countries is a form of treachery and a betrayal to the Palestinian cause.

“Today, some Persian Gulf states have committed the biggest treachery against their own history and the history of the Arab world. They have betrayed #Palestine by supporting Israel,” he added.

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