UAE celebrates International Day for Cultural Diversity

by Akeem Alao

The UAE has disclosed plan to mark the world celebrating the “International Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development” today Thursday May 21, 2020.

The celebration, which was approved by the United Nations on May 21 every year, is aimed at encouraging dialogue between all civilizations and cultures on the basis of respect and mutual understanding.

In a report released on its official website, the United Nations monitored 6 challenges facing the cultural sector around the world with the outbreak of the “Covid 19” pandemic.

The challenges included cancelation and suspension of societal cultural events and practices, closure of cultural institutions around the world, emptying of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and increase in the risk of looting of cultural sites, inability of artists to pay the prices and fees for their needs and expenses, and the cultural tourism sector was affected.

“Cultural industries supply the global economy with more than two billion dollars annually, with a pension of more than 3 per cent of global gross domestic product, as well as the creation of nearly 30 million jobs worldwide, which foretells of the major repercussions of the pandemic in this sector,” the report states.

“Despite this, social isolation measures have contributed to the transformation of millions of people into culture as a source of knowledge, entertainment and awareness, and the process of creating and accessing cultural content over the Internet has increased greatly, starting with virtual visits to museums and cinemas, through broadcasting of films and cultural materials, and the emergence of discussions Cultural groupings via social media, which confirmed its primary role as a source of societal resilience,” it addes.

The “International Day for Cultural Diversity” is an opportunity to shed light on the UAE’s efforts to promote convergence climates and openness to human cultures in its contemporary and heritage dimensions, which were crowned by hosting the Human Brotherhood Dialogue in February 2019 between His Holiness Pope Francis Pope of the Catholic Church, and His Eminence the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb Sheikh Al-Azhar, in the presence of representatives of religions around the world.

The UAE is one of the most prominent cultural incubators in the world, with more than 200 nationalities living on its territory in harmony and interaction.

Their counterparts have decreased since the founding of the state of the Union. The Emirates, to become the model for political stability, moderation and respect for personal freedoms.

The cultural diversity in the UAE is based on the culture of coexistence and tolerance, which has become an integral part of government action, as the world witnessed in 2017 the birth of the first Ministry of Tolerance on the land of the Emirates .. While the UAE gave the world in 2019 the document of human brotherhood.

Social justice in the Emirates and respect for the rule of law and equality for all before it, whether citizens and residents, are fertile grounds for promoting cultural diversity, dialogue of civilizations, and service to peace and consolidating a culture of peaceful coexistence and human harmony between the peoples and cultures of the world.

The UAE has succeeded in dealing with all forms of cultural globalization with a scientific methodology and conscious thought, to become first in the world in the peaceful coexistence between nationalities, and has made great strides towards establishing the principle of coexistence and openness to the other according to a tight strategy that aims to extend bridges of communication and cooperation with different cultures of other peoples .

The UAE provides the communities residing on its land with a unique style of living and a high level of luxury, which made residence and work in it a dream for a large segment of young people. The Emirates also maintains cultural relations with a large number of countries in the world, and it is an active member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “UNESCO” is considered one of the most prominent countries in support of projects for preserving world heritage, protecting antiquities, introducing cultures and communicating between civilizations.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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