Wuhan tests 6.5 million people, collects 9 million samples for Coronavirus in 9 days

by Akeem Alao

The Wuhan government has, so far, reached more than 90 percent of the city in its resolve to test all 11 million residents of the central Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic originated.

The decision came after six new cases emerged at the end of one month of no new reported infections. It was well over 10 weeks of lockdown in Wuhan ending in April 18. Normalcy had returned to the city as transportation, business, parks, and restaurant are seen re-opening.

This was disclosed on Tuesday May 26, 2020, by Wuhan authorities have announced the plan of a citywide free test on May 11. The city urged people to sign up for the test for their own good. The massive test drive is aimed at testing virtually all the Wuhan residents.

To achieve this, thousands of medical and other workers have been mobilized to give a free diagnostic test to residents.

While some health experts and residents have questioned the efficacy in testing so many people in such a short period of time, some have expressed concerns about the government’s action to embark on such a resource-intensive massive testing initiative.

On the other hand, others also see the testing drive as a way of restoring public confidence, which is needed in re-opening the economy of the city.

In response to these concerns, the China’s chief epidemiologist, Wu Zunyou explained that there would not be a new peak. The government would not allow scattered cased to develop into massive outbreak.

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