Somalia’s government rescues 13 Somalis from Libyan prisons

Somalia’s government rescues 13 Somalis from Libyan prisons

Hargeisa, Somaliland, March 9, 2018 – On the 7th of March, Turkish Airline rescued 13 Somali prisoners from Libya to the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu. The initiative was made by Federal Government of Somalia and actively implemented by the ambassador of Somalia to the EU, Mr. Ali Said Fiqi, with the support of UNHCR and IMO that took an important role in the repatriation.

According to media report, Federal Government of Somalia has pledged to aid Somalis in the jails of the world by ensuring that they return to their homeland peacefully.

A few days ago, the Adan Cade Airport received some Somalis who rescued from prisons in Libya.

Some government officials welcomed these youth at Adan Cade Airport – most especially those who could not endure the difficulties they met in the jails of Libya.

However, it was also reported that some of them who preferred to stay in prison than to return to the country with empty pockets were left behind in captivity.

While taking to the press, one of the government officials said that this is a part of the promise of the government called ‘Peace and Live’, which is aimed at rescuing Somali people in jails across the world.

He said, “This is the part of the pledge of the government called ‘Peace and Live’ which is to help troubled Somalis in diaspora and in the Jails. It is not the first time, but we did it previous times; and it will continue. We sincerely thank UNHCR and IMO for helping us to making this a reality.”

Some of the interviewed returnees told the media that they were very happy coming back to their homeland. They also recount unpalatable experiences faced by Somali people in diaspora. They thanked to the government for helping them and implored Somali to stay and believe the prosperity of their country.

One of them said, “We came from Libya, and we are very happy staying in our homeland. We met in the jails of Libya a countless problems. There are others in the jails of Libya whose lives are far more miserable than life of an ordinary street man in our streets here. We thank the government, and advise our people to look inward in order to realize the prosperity in their land.”









Reporter: Suhaib Ismail Mohamed

Malaysia Investors meet with President Biihi

Malaysia Investors meet with President Biihi

HARGEISA – On the 26th of February, President of Somaliland H.E. Mouse Biihi met in the palace of presidency with some investors from Malaysia, who were led by the famous Malaysian businessman in Somaliland and manager of Tayyid Quality Meat in Buro, Mr. Rithwan Tengku.

The President with the Vice president Mr. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saylici) and the Minister of livestock and Fishing development, Mr. Hassan Mohamed Ali (Gaafaadhi)  had very fruiful discussion with the investors who promised to the economy of the country by investing in the importation of Somaliland livestock into their home country.

President Biihi discussed deeply about strengthening economic ties with Malaysia most especially in order to eliminate market shortage of the livestock.

In his response, Mr. Tengku assured the government that establishing livestock market with Malaysia would take an important role in boost, more than before, the purse of the government and its citizenry.

Minister of Livestock and Fishing Development commended Mr. Tengku for his role in the industry most especially through his company – Tayyid Quality Meat. He promised to work with and support other investors who are interested in entering the industry.

He said, “The investors are interested in establishing livestock that has the potentiality to operate 1500 of livestock, and it is going to operate to operate 5000 livestock per day. We are expecting to be a way that livestock would follow as a meat. This industry was invested for huge money, and the business owners of Somaliland have a share; also, meat traders association has relationship within it.”

Mr. Hassan told the media that the president and the government are struggling about how the nation would attain new investment, and that the president is giving a special significance about finding of new market for livestock. Following this he said, “We are hopeful that this project should become successful, and the government is working them fully. Today, President Biihi promised to the delegation that he is giving wide support about how the industry would do their work; in addition to this, he expressed that this action can lead other investors to land the country.

Lastly, minister stated that this collaboration would create a lot of jobs opportunities for the people of Somaliland, and would encourage productions within the country – thereby resulting to reduction in the cost of living for the populace.














Reporter: Suhaib Ismail


Somaliland – Judge serves kidnappers with 2.5 years imprisonment, tortoise kidnappers with 3 years

Somaliland – Judge serves kidnappers with 2.5 years imprisonment, tortoise kidnappers with 3 years

Hargeisa, Somaliland, February 28, 2018 –  Maroodijeeh Regional Court yesterday sentenced kidnappers of a child in Hargeisa who pleaded guilty into two years and six month imprisonment. Few days before this incident, the court served a thief who stole a tortoise over three years imprisonment with fine.

The judge of the court read the decisions of the jury, with a few change to the previous judgment. The court judged each of them into two years and sixth months of prison when it was found to have stolen a child.

Judge said, “Hargeisa, regional court has modified the early judgment. The court recognized that the two persons named Abdirahman Abdullahi Hassan who is 28 years old and Khadra Abdullahu Mohamed who is 25 years old had stolen the child, and it is judged one of them in two years and sixth months of prison starting from the first time they were arrested.”

However, the family of the child are not content with the period of the judgment as the mother of the child told the BBC. She said, “I am requesting from the court and the government to reconsider this case because those who had stolen my child wanted to sell the organs of my child.”

Also, it was reported that some days before this incident the same court served a culprit who stole a tortoise with three years in prison and huge fine.

The question is: Is tortoise more important than human in Somaliland?











Reporter: Suhaib Ismail Mohamed

Norwegian Ambassador visits Somaliland

Norwegian Ambassador visits Somaliland

Hargeisa, Somaliland, February 26, 2018-  Yesterday, on the 26th of February the Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail Saylici welcomed the Ambassador of Norway, Mr. Wabejorn Heines, to the countries of Somaliland and Somalia.

Mr. Saylici discussed with the delegation many issues, which include investment in the country, elections of parliament and council, increase of donations, support of plan fulfillment and other things.

Vice president and the delegation discussed deeply how Norway would support the country with her challenging developmental issues related to investment, elections of parliament and council which is going to take place next year, 2019.

According to MCR correspondent in Somaliland, the Vice President implored Norway to raise their donation for the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF), and encouraged the ambassador to ensure Norway takes active part in the fulfillment of the Second National Development Plan (NDP II) proposed to be executed within the next five years.

Furthermore, Mr. Saylici requested informed ambassador about the government’s readiness to finalize between the country and Somalia.

Mr. Wabejorn Heines in his statement promised ensure takes active role in the fulfillment of the highlighted issues discussed.

He said, “The Norwegian government is ready to actualize what we have discussed together, and at the same time to strenghten the bilateral relationship between Somaliland and Norway.”















Reporter: Suhaib Ismail

Ghouta Disaster: Another Test Of Human Conscience

Ghouta Disaster: Another Test Of Human Conscience

The Syrian regime and its allies (Russia and Iran), and their sectarian militias are doing massacres and destruction of villages and towns in eastern Ghouta in Damascus – the death rate so far had passed over 300 people.  It’s war crime of special kind, but a public massacre aimed at killing the remaining social incubator of the Syrian revolution, breaking the steadfastness of its people and forcing them to leave their Ghouta. This is a continuation of systematic forced displacements followed by Bashar al-Assad’s regime and its allies in Syrian areas since the beginning of their war on the majority of the Syrian people.

The Syrian regime and its allies have not only imposed a siege on the eastern villages and towns of Ghuzaa for five years, but its forces and the militias of Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian militias have been trying to break into it for several months using all types of artillery and missile attacks.

This is addition to the bombing of the explosive barrels and poison chlorine gas and the prevention of access to humanitarian aid and food to about 400,000 civilians which are at risk of death because of the blockade, declared Farhan Haq spokesman for the UN Secretary-General.

The military regime and the Russian attackers are targeting schools, hospitals, shops, power plants and water to break the will of the people and force them to leave their places to be refugees or dead in an attempt to implement the demographic change project implemented by the Assad regime and the Iranians in Syria, they have committed the metaphor to empty cities and towns of their original inhabitants and settle militias and their families.

This massacre is committed in front of the eyes of the world and its reputation, especially the Security Council and the countries concerned with the Syrian file, which is unable to adopt a firm stance on it. The international community is only concerned about the issue and calling for a meeting of the Security Council to a humanitarian truce not passed by the Russian veto.

Worse than that, the UN Secretary-General is content to express his concern coinciding with the concern of his predecessors, while his special envoy to Syria, Stephane de Mistura, spoke to the Security Council in neutral language, saying that the escalation of fighting in the eastern sniper could make it another Aleppo.

It seems that De Mistura did not know who waged a war of annihilation against its civilians, in which dozens but hundreds of them die every day. He could not say that the Russians and the regime’s militias destroyed the eastern Aleppo neighborhoods in late 2016 and organized forced displacements of hundreds of thousands of its civilians who became homeless, displaced and refugees.







Written by: Azziya Mohamoud