by Brigite UGWE
August 14, 2018

An african woman dressed in Iro and Buba, a traditional yoruba, Nigerian attire, riding through the streets of London on horseback ? The picture has gone viral on social media!  It was taken from the short film we’re talking about today. “Entitled”, by Nigerian and British filmmaker, Adeyemi Michael.  In this film, Adeyemi tackles from a personal point of view, the experience of first-generation immigrants, since it’s his mother, who is seen on horseback across the streets of Peckham, home to the largest Nigerian community in the UK.  Abosede Afolashade opens up about what it means for her to be a Nigerian immigrant.  The film ends with the popular Yoruba adage, “Ma se gbagbe omo eni to je”, which translates to “Never forget where you’re from and who you are”.

When you see a woman in that position on a horse, in another country, it’s representative of all immigrants being conquerors and seeing ourselves that way.