Leading up to the 9/11 memorial, my feelings have begun to drastically change similar to the mix feelings I always have in past years when I reflect on what took place in our city on that unforgettable day.

As remarkable as 9/11 National Memorial Museum is, it is one place I truly dread going in because of the strong feelings that consistently converged in me. The feeling of guilt, anger, confusion, sorry and a vivid cognizant of the utter disregard to the lives violently taken from us on that regrettable day that has forever left in our hearts incurable wounds.

My only refuge during this terrible moment is Islamic Leadership School, the first full time Muslim school that opened its doors for the first time on the same fateful day of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The opening of this first Islamic school in the Bronx on 9/11 was a divine message, the message of fighting evil religious extremism with education. Instead of the school becoming the center of radicalization and extreme religious views, it became a conduit of wisdom, tolerance, pluralism, progressively moderate and vital peaceful pillar of New York and beyond.

Islamic Leadership School has become one of the most effective counter extremism endeavors in the nation. Promoting a peaceful coexistence among all people is unwavering mission of its leadership. “While we can’t change what had happened to the World Trade Center, we can certainly use our school’s peaceful coexistence platform to prevent such cowardice act from ever happening again. This is a small step towards healing.” Said Sheikh Musa Drammeh, Islamic Leadership School co-founder.

Because of the success of ILS in its promotion of peaceful coexistence, the founders are piloting a new public school curriculum next year called STEMDUP to broaden its mission. STEMDUP stand for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, diversity, unity and peace. #911memorial #worldtradecenter #ils #stemdup
World Trade Center Memories and Mission