Eye Skin Damage – Causes & Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of  

Eye Skin Damage – Causes & Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of  

Eye Skin Damage - Causes & Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of
By Jazz Pollard

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. They are the first thing a person looks at when speaking to you. They tell stories of your life. They reveal your emotions and often your innermost secrets. They tell your personality in their expression. As the focal point of your face, you obviously want your eyes and the skin around them to be appealing, bright, glowing, and youthful. But as you age and your skin changes, the area around your eyes is not exempt. So it is important to pay close attention to your eyes and how to properly care for and prevent possible damage to the skin surrounding your eyes. Keep reading for three major causes and symptoms of eye skin damage and what you can do to lessen the effects of aging around your eyes.

Why Eye Skin Needs Special Attention

Eye skin is very unique compared to the rest of the skin on your face and body.  It is about ten times thinner than the skin on your face making it more susceptible to showing signs of aging.  It is also more sensitive than the rest of your skin thereby requiring different techniques and products for proper care and nourishment.  As you age, collagen production slows down which contributes to the loss of elasticity in your skin and the skin around your eyes will begin to show visible signs of aging quicker than the rest of your skin.

Types of Eye Skin Damage: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

1. Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are the fine lines and wrinkles that appear at the corners of your eyes as you age. The main causes of crow’s feet are repetitive muscle movement in that area such as squinting, laughing, and smiling; the loss of skin elasticity as collagen production slows with age; and the weakening of the supportive tissue, muscle, and bone underlying your eye skin.

Remedies: To prevent further damage to the sensitive skin around your eyes, apply sunscreen with a product that is suitable and safe for the eye area. Eye creams and eye moisturizers at bedtime will help maintain proper hydration to the skin in that area which will reduce the appearance of dry, wrinkled skin. Botox and laser treatments are another alternatives for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet.  If that is an option you would like to explore, contact an experienced dermatologist who specializes in treatments of this sort.

2. Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

The appearance of dark circles under your eyes seems to have a highly genetic component that comes from hyperpigmentation of the skin in that area. Also, people who have a very fair complexion combined with thinner skin may show superficial blood vessels under the eyes that create a reddish or purple hue.  Dark circles can also occur as a sign of aging. As the volume of the underlying tissue begins to deplete, dark hollow shadows will begin to appear under your eyes. And, of course, allergies that cause frequent eye rubbing will thicken the skin around the eyes causing dark shadows to appear.  And lack of sleep is a major culprit in the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Remedies: Obviously, adequate sleep is essential for preventing the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. But if sleep is not the cause, there are other treatments available to remedy any shadows that have been appearing around the eye area. Proper hydration, sunscreen, moisturizers, and eye creams are highly beneficial in maintaining supple healthy skin around your eyes. Hydrating eye patches and face masks can also provide quick and intense moisturizing to that area. Specialized eye concealers are great for hiding the dark circles. For a more permanent fix, you can also consult your dermatologist for laser treatments and other filling agents to minimize the dark shadows around your eyes.

3. Crepey or Sagging Skin Around the Eyes

As the aging process continues, the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes start to spread onto your eyelids which can create the appearance of crepe-like, brittle skin.  The drier the skin becomes in that area, the more prone it is to sagging.

Remedies: Once again, proper hydration is a key element in reducing wrinkles and sagging around your eyes. To reduce excess skin or sagging around your eyes, try reducing the amount of salt that you consume because high salt intake in your diet can cause significant drying and sagging of the sensitive skin around your eyes. Also be sure to properly hydrate your body.  The more water you consume, the healthier and more supple your skin will appear. If allergies seem to be the cause of some of your eye skin issues, consult your doctor for proper allergy treatments to minimize these eye-related symptoms.

Taking proper care of the skin around your eyes is essential to maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance. So don’t just see the world through your eyes, let the world see you through your eyes!

Women, Money and Sexual Energy – Turbocharge Your Dreams and Creations

Women, Money and Sexual Energy – Turbocharge Your Dreams and Creations

By Dr Elsbeth Meuth

Did you know that money and sexual energy are related? This concept is widely unknown and may be unbelievable. But it’s true! And what’s even better is that you can learn to channel your sexual energy into your money-making endeavors.

For most of us, sexual energy is used for two things: experiencing pleasure in the bedroom and making babies. However, our sexual energy has a great capacity to help fuel any creative endeavor we have for our lives. We consider sexual energy to be “life force energy;” the very energy that created us all. This energy is the source of all things creative, fueling whatever we do whether we realize it or not.

For women, reawakening life force energy, a.k.a. “feminine essence,” is essential for allowing more abundance and money to flow into their lives. The unfortunate thing is that women’s sexual energy has been vilified for millennia causing them to shut down their feminine essence. For example, shaming a girl for experiencing her first menses, judging any sexual feelings as wrong or considering a woman impure having had sex before marriage are all ways in which feminine sexual expression has been repressed. Starting to bring awareness to this conditioning is the first step in the reawakening to a woman’s Goddess-given sensuous flow.

1. How to connect with your Goddess-given Sensuous flow

Place two hands on your belly, one on top of the other. Notice where your breath is. If you’re like most people, your breath is quite shallow, moving mostly through your chest. Now, try to take three deep breaths into your belly. Observe the rise and fall of your belly as you do this. Try to go as slow as possible without rushing. Then notice how you feel?

Most likely your mind calmed down and you feel more present. Breathing into the belly activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which releases endorphins and melatonin causing us to relax and feel good.

2. How to use the conscious breath to circulate your aroused sensuous energy:

Once you accessed the level of conscious breath awareness you can start using the flow of your breath to circulate your aroused sexual energy.

For example, when we start to feel aroused, instead of trying to either shut it down or act on it, we can start to breathe this wonderful lushes energy from our sexual o into the heart center and the rest of our body. We can allow the pleasure energy to imbue our physical, emotional and spiritual being. From there, we can practice directing that life-giving sensuous nectar into a creative endeavor, like enlivening our relationship, creating a career or bringing the flow of money into our life.

Many of us have negative beliefs around money such as, “there is never enough,” or “money is bad,” or “I don’t deserve to have a lot of money.” Just like our negative beliefs about sexuality, these beliefs about money have been ingrained in us from an early age. By practicing conscious breathing, we can start to observe these beliefs instead of giving into them.

3. How to become present to yourself in this moment:

As you observe your breath, start to notice any sensations in your body. Any tension in your shoulders or neck? Or a warm sensation on your limbs? Can you feel a tingling in your palms? Notice what thoughts are going through your mind. Are you worrying about not experiencing that high feeling that you are so yearning for? Or you are lamenting to yourself of being all alone? Perhaps you go off into some fantasy? These are all states of not being here right now in the present moment with yourself.

Try to notice these sensations and thoughts without judging them or trying to make them go away. Just keep breathing into your belly so you can become present and connected to our inner flow of ease.

4. How to be in your inner flow allows attracting what you want:

Reconnecting with your inner flow in the present moment without distracting yourself allows to attract the energy that matches your flow. The more we are able to be in our conscious breath while witnessing our thoughts and feelings, we become more connected with that vibration of what we want – money, love, joy, bliss!

From there we become more intentional and can make clear decisions on how to move forward to create our life. Also, as we shift our energy, we begin attracting more people and situations that are in alignment with what we really want. Imagine being that much in control of your own destiny!

When these awareness practices are coupled with our sexual life-giving energy, we can turbocharge any creative endeavor we wish to pursue! Energetic blocks get cleared while dreams become a moment by moment feeling state that allows us to be connected to inner and outer vibrations of attracting what we want.

Keep connecting with your life force sexual energy, your witness state of mind and dancing in the flow of abundance!

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth is the co-author of “Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love and Intimacy.” She is the co-founder and director of the TantraNova Institute in Chicago offering workshop retreats throughout North America, Europe and Australia. She co-produced the bestselling DVD Series Creating Intimacy & Love and was featured on Showtime’s documentary series Sexual Healing and the Emmy Award-winning NBC show Starting Over.

Over the past decade, Elsbeth and her partner Freddy Zental have assisted thousands of couples and singles rekindle or expand their intimate and love life.

Intercultural Marriages: When Tradition Interferes With Happiness

Intercultural Marriages: When Tradition Interferes With Happiness

By Yuri Ferrer

Nowadays intercultural marriages are very common. Thanks to the Internet, student exchanges, business travels, expatriations, etc… more and more people have the opportunity to meet and share their set of values and beliefs. The Internet has become a worldwide marriage agency. Unfortunately, finding a place into the “significant other’s” culture and traditions can be tricky and not always easy to deal with.

Nevertheless; goals, values, vision, attitude, love, and strong communication systems, are the main keys to finding your “happily ever after” ending. Keeping in mind that it is not what you say, but how you say it, you are off to a great start.

How could you deal with the particular situation you are facing now? Is there a way out of it without destroying your couple or your already fragile relationship?

The answer is: of course there is!

The fact that you are reading this article proves that you are looking for a solution, otherwise, you would be looking into a lawyer’s or dating website, wouldn’t you?

Looking for and focusing on solutions, rather than keeping your troubles in mind is an excellent starting point. The first step towards success is the will and desire to work together as a team.

Now, let’s get into business:

  • What were the common points that first draw you two together?
  • What are those things you both enjoyed doing?
  • From 1-10 what is your level of commitment to your relationship? (1 being very low and 10 very high)
  • What are you both ready to do/try (or give up), in order to preserve what you have?
  • Are you in love with your partner or with the idea of living together and having a couple?
  • Do you have any idea of what triggers conflict between you two?
  • In those aspects of your life where tension is very high, what is the middle ground where you can both be at ease?

Let these questions settle first and take a few minutes to give them a deeper thought.

Once you have found the answer to these questions, start by planning your new “couple’s rescue mission”. It does not matter how fantastic it may sound now, as long as you are both happy and willing to commit to it. Perhaps it is also a good time to set new goals for you as a couple, ex: travel to an exotic place you are both happy to visit, renovate something in the house, meet new people, practice a sport together, find “self-time” for you as a couple or individually, etc… Keep in mind that goals are supposed to be set into the future, and the past is only allowed as a reference at this moment, – only if it will bring positive outputs –

You want to reshape your situation, not erasing it!

At the very beginning, you jumped into your current relation aware of certain facts that made you different, despite that, you decided to go ahead and be successful. Why? Because you were determined to make it work, had a vision and the desire to conquer love and create something that seemed special at that time. You were excited about all that made that special person be who he/she was.

Now, use the same determination to erase/put aside those “cultural discomforts” and reshape them into points of commitment where you are both satisfied without removing your roots.

Be aware that all this “remodeling” will need a lot of patience and understanding, good communication and a gigantic mountain of love. It is not a battle for right or wrong, your other half is your partner, not your opponent.

You are both working on reshaping a better and brighter future. Take your time to put each detail into practice and just enjoy the process, I can guarantee it will bear fruits at the speed you are hoping. Use the best of each world to make a unique place for you.

Every couple is different from another, so avoid comparing yourselves, you are unique. One small piece of advice: for the time being hang out with other couples that will help your relationship feel stronger, people who will encourage you and will not take sides for either of you.

Go back to your dating times as a couple and start enjoying the simple things life has to give. (Candlelight dinner, walks, cycling, picnic, open-air activities, movies, etc) Be creative and resourceful.

Be open in communicating your feelings and how situations make you feel. Situations, not your partner.

Make a written list of those things that you believe to be particularly difficult for you as a couple, talk about the points -without getting into details-, decide which is the easiest one to solve and focus on that one only, once solved, move to the next point and so on. There is no limit of time between each point. Are these points or some of them limited to you as a unit or the consequence of exterior influence? (parents, siblings, place related, friends, work… )

Work first on those issues that are exclusively related to you as a couple before you move to those involving third parties.

Keep in mind the basic rule: your limits + his/her limits – your gray area = commitment

Enjoy this challenge, it is a new adventure full of wonderful surprises, as you will rediscover your partner and yourself all while working and settling into this new stage in life.

Top Ten Benefits of More Frequent and Regular Sex For Physical and Mental Health

Top Ten Benefits of More Frequent and Regular Sex For Physical and Mental Health

By: Akram Jan Jaffar

In this article I have tried to evaluate the physical and mental benefits of frequent and regular sex. I agree with these benefits unlike most of the people have assumed that frequent sex have negative impacts on physical and mental health. This sex must be confined to a legal relationship, because casual sex and dating have many negative impacts, as there is lack of mental satisfaction, true pleasure. If you have regular sex with your partner, it brings too many positive effects on your life. The first thing is; you do not wander after other ladies/ men. You feel calm with your very own life partner and this is a great blessing when you feel pleasure in having intercourse with your life partner.

01. Boosts Your Libido:

Use of organs makes organs stronger while disuse of organs makes organ weaker. The more you use your sex organ, the more it will be stronger and libido rich. The more you have sex the more you will be attracted by the women. Frequent sex strengthens the libido and keenness in sex.

02. Improves Women’s Bladder Control:

The sex practice makes the vaginal muscles stronger and the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal tissues make them more erectile as well as elastic. With the passage of time women lose control over their bladder, but by the frequent sex practice on daily basis make control over bladder. People who have bladder control problems have trouble stopping the flow of urine from the bladder. They are said to have urinary incontinence. Incontinence is uncontrollable leaking of urine from the bladder. Although urinary incontinence is a common problem, it is never normal.

03. It could reduce your risk of prostate cancer:

Regular sex can help protect men against prostate cancer, a medical study has found. It showed that the most sexually-active males had less chance of contracting the potentially-fatal disease. Frequent sex was also linked to less aggressive prostate cancer, which is more likely to respond to treatment and has a lower likelihood of spreading.

04. It could make you look younger:

Frequent sex keeps the couple look make more younger. Couples who had sex three times a week looked up to 10 years younger than their chronological age. Regular lovemaking couple seems to be the fountain of youth. Sex stimulates the release of feel-good chemicals that reduce stress levels. Couples who have frequent sex also want to stay in shape and make an effort to look good for their partners. The emotional, psychological, and physiological aspects of lovemaking seem to influence a person’s overall health and well-being. While we are all familiar with the health aspects of sex, not everyone is familiar with the science behind it.

05. It could help you sleep better:

After having sex we feel fatigue and exhausting. This feeling of exhausting makes us sleep better. More sex helps you sleep, and more sleep boosts your sex drive… Sex boosts oxytocin (a hormone that makes you feel connected to your partner) and lowers cortisol (a stress-related hormone). Plus, having an orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which makes you feel relaxed and sleepy.

06. It could prevent you having a heart attack:

Enjoying regular sex can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease – but the news isn’t so great for women. Research found having sex several times a week can slash levels of Homocysteine in men, whereas women benefit far less from regular romps. The harmful chemical is found in the blood and can trigger potentially life-threatening cardiac problems. It’s thought men getting regular sex often have better circulation and healthier blood vessels. This is crucial for preventing a build-up of Homocysteine. But scientists say women benefit much less because sexual arousal is less dependent on having a healthy blood flow, which is a key factor in keeping Homocysteine under control.

07. It could boost your immune system:

Sex gives your immune system an important boost. Sex boosts your body’s ability to make protective antibodies against bacteria, viruses, and other germs that cause common illnesses. Of course, there’s more to cultivating a robust immune system than having a healthy sex life.

08. It could improve your brain function:

Actually the sexual activity is related to your brain. When you think about sex your penis gets erected and alive, but when you are not thinking about the sex your penis is lies quite sleeping. Your brain is the seat of your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. The slurry of chemicals, and the pathways they travel in your brain, help define your personality, and that’s pretty important in the bedroom. But while the brain has long been portrayed as command central, relaying orders to the rest of the body, the most recent science shows that the relationship is more subtle than this. In fact, the brain works in tandem with the other organs of your body. In other words, your brain can help your sex life but, conversely, your sex life also can help your brain.

09. It could make you less stressed at work:

If the thirst for sex is not properly quenched there is stress in your mind, and you can not work properly. On the other hand when your desire for sex is fully satisfied you feel peace and tranquility in your mind and you have less chances to divert your attention from your work. You can fully focus on your work and show better performance in your job.

10. It could provide you with a full body workout:

Sex is not less than a physical exercise. You move up and down while doing sex gives your muscles stretch and contract. The contraction and relaxation of muscular tissues gives stamina to your body. Your body can work properly with more efficiency.

3 Sex Benefits Every Woman Ought to Know (& the Secret to Getting Her to Say YES to Sex!)

3 Sex Benefits Every Woman Ought to Know (& the Secret to Getting Her to Say YES to Sex!)

By Amy A.

How come my girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex more often? How can I convince her that MORE sex is better than less? Do women want sex as much as men do? And if YES, how come my girlfriend, wife or lover always seems NOT to be in the mood? Any of these questions sound familiar?

If you are anything like the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have enjoyed our articles over the last few years, the simple truth is, you are pretty convinced you already know which sex has the bigger sex drive, right? What most people DON’T know? Men and women both crave sex in equal amounts. The difference between the sexes is more in what turns us ON, and what motivates us to want to make love, and NOT who wants it more.

Surprising fact: Women are more cerebral when it comes to sex. We have emotional wants and needs, and cognitive (brain based) motivations to make love as well. Men? Your impulses are mostly biological, and the need to ejaculate, or to “release” is a much bigger driver than it is for women.

Also note: Women ALSO love to orgasm, climax and release! But, our interest in making love is often largely for emotional, and hormonal reasons that men don’t share.

Okay, so is your girl less interested in sex than you are? Here are 3 quick ways to persuade her to have MORE sex, especially if she’s the type who needs a lot of convincing!

1. Sex is a great NATURAL (and feel good) antidote to insomnia

One of the biggest health related challenges women over 18 face is insomnia. And when you look at moms? Lack of sleep, or difficulty sleeping is often the #1 challenge we face! Simply put, an orgasm a day is far better night time sleep medicine that any over the counter potion or pill, and it’s one that will leave her feeling better in the morning to boot!

2. Sex is good for her brain, too!

Why? It reduces stress hormones like cortisol, which lead to inflammation, irritation and difficulty thinking as well. As a matter of fact, the feel good chemicals that sex (and orgasm) generate in the brain, are better than most medications as well. Oxytocin, which is generated when we hug, kiss or connect skin to skin with another human being, is often called the “love hormone” for it’s transformative brain and behavior benefits.

3. Sex is great exercise!

Most women I know spend a lot of time lamenting the fact that we don’t have more time to work out. Guess what? The good news is, 15 minutes of sex, can be as good of a workout as 60 minutes of walking. And if she is able to climax, an orgasm not only burns energy, it helps strengthen her kegels, abdominal muscles and entire “core” as well. If you are REALLY good in bed? Not only will she having amazing orgasms while getting a killer workout every night, she’ll find YOU much more fun than pilates class, I promise!