Islam Does Not Make Halal What Is Haram For Political Objectives, Politicians or Organizations

by Prince Yusadolat

Opinion of the Writer

New York, NY
April 16, 2018

I find it appalling that the suggestion that our faith Islam has to accept behavior which is highly considered haram (unlawful) to halal (permissible).  We are coming upon our two only Eids (festivals) Eid Ul Fitr (Festival of Purification) & Eid Ul Adha ( Festival of Sacrifice) as tools to promote a so called Interfaith call within NYC agencies as if our faith is a tool promote the lifestyle of homosexuality. I say this with the utmost seriousness that political agendas want to build bridges of accepting homosexual lifestyles as Judaism & Christianity and others have.

An act of homosexuality is not permissible and considered a grave sin. Any Muslim which practices that lifestyle is not shunned as to coming to daily or weekly prayers but the suggestion that accepting as norm of Islamic practice its not accepted.  Some may feel that this article may be biased but Islam is Islam and 2018 was and is not the year for Islam to be so called Progressively changed for political movements or to serve a so called call for transparency.

Muslims In the United States by example should treat every human life with dignity, honor and respect no matter what lifestyle but trying to change the tenets of our faith to please the so called political correctness of others is not our affairs.  I urge our Sheikhs, Imams and Islamic organizations to seriously take a fold to understand what is undertaking to divide our community.


Aldo Perez


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