Trump dissociates himself from Boris as UK election gets closer

by muslimmedia

US President Donald Trump has publicly dissociated himself from supporting his UK counterpart, PM Boris Johnson. He said, at the gathering of NATO member states in Watford to mark the 70th anniversary of the organisation, that  he could work with whoever finally won the UK election – be it Boris or any other contestant.

“I can work with anybody. I’m a very easy person to work with,” he disclosed.

Speaking on a three-day visit to the UK, the US President said he would stay out of the UK election, and that he strongly supports Brexit and whoever promotes it.

“I”ll stay out of the election. You know that I was a fan of Brexit,” he told the reporters.

He attended a reception hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace and later went to an event at Downing Street.

While he was addressing a press conference, Mr Trump said that he opted to stay neutral in  the upcoming  December 12 election because he does not want to complicate it.

“I don’t want to complicate it. Look,…I’ve won a lot of elections for a lot of people,” he disclosed while responding to a reporter.

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