UK takes side with America, says they are on the “same page”

by Editor

By Abdulmoomeen S. Yitta


UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab has on Saturday spoken on the stand of the British government on the US killing of the Iranian commander, Qassem Suleimani. Responding to questions regarding legality of Suleimani’s assassination, Raab unequivocally said that the position of the Americans was clearly stated calling Suleimani “a regional menace” and further justifies American’s action saying “they have a right to exercise self-defence.”

Emily Thornberry, contender for Shadow leadership, however bitterly criticized Raab’s stand saying that the killing of Suleimani could spark a war and that it should not be justified. She further stated that the government should instead condemn the attack and distance itself from being a part of the conflict that he said means “…we are taking a lurch towards war” and that action does not make “the world safer.”

Dwelling majorly on the fact that the America as established basis for the killing, Raab further said that “We are sympathetic to the situation they found themselves in.”

Raab reiterated Britain’s focus to ensure stability in the Iraq-American situation and de-escalation of tension between the two countries. He said. “We are looking to deescalate and destablise the situation and that is something we have talked about with our European and our American friends.”

In another statement by the foreign secretary, Raab made it known that he would be meeting with the secretary of state of the United State, Mike Pompeo as he maintains that they are “on the same page” with Americans and that they will continue to have talks with Americans.

Raab has similarly justified the action of the Prime Minister, Boris Jonson who was on a holiday to the Mustique Island and is unable cut short his holiday after hearing about Suleimani’s assassination. Raab said that despite his being away, the Prime Minister has always been in charge.

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