Nigerian Muslims call for Adeleke University boycott, claim versity victimizes non-Christians

by Marufat Ibrahim

By Muizat Hameed


The Osun State Muslims, led by Alhaji Mustafa Olawuyi, have called upon Muslim parents and guardians to boycott Adeleke University, as it forces Muslim students to partake in Christian fellowship programs on campus.

This was disclosed in the Osun State Muslim Community delegates’ communiqué released on Sunday, wherein Adeleke University is accused of violating NUC rules and regulation, as a faith-based university by suspending a Muslim student for not attending Christian services.

“The OSMC reviewed the case of a Muslim student suspended for a semester for not attending daily Church services as compelled by the university. It was resolved that the Stand of the university negates the policy of the National Universities Commission (NUC) that guarantees freedom of worship for faith-based university,” the communiqué states.

“Adeleke University is an untrustworthy, insincere and deceitful institution. Muslims are hereby called upon to boycott the university, and seek admission in other tertiary institutions that are tolerant to the practice of Islamic religion,” it concludes.

In an interview with MCR correspondent in Nigeria, Olawuyi admonished parents to always look after their wards, especially those living on campus.

“Muslim parents should be cautious of events and happenings in institutions their children attend,” Olawuyi said.

He further advised the Nigerian government to take necessary steps to protect freedom of religion nationwide, especially on school campuses.

“Henceforth governments at all levels should make effective laws to guarantee freedom to religion, freedom to education without hindrance,” he reproved.

“The Nigerian constitution guarantees freedom of religion in all circumstances. No group or individual should violate this otherwise religious crisis could erupt any time and could be spontaneous which no one could predict the end of it,” he added.

“The government through its educational agencies especially JAMB should spell the conditions of admission to each of the approved tertiary institutions to allow candidates choose appropriately,” Olawuyi reiterated.

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