Poisonous chemicals found in US drinking water, Study reveals

by Marufat Ibrahim

By Muizat Hameed


A poisonous chemical, polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) have been found present in the drinking water of major cities in the United State.

The cities which includes, Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans have been reported to have poisonous “forever chemicals” in their drinking water.

The chemical which has been linked to events of cancer and impaired fertility and has been tagged ‘unsafe’ for consumption.

Sydney Evans, a co – author of Environmental Working Group (EWG) study said, “PFAS in drinking water is not okay”.

Evans reiterated his surprise  having found out that the chemicals are present in many cities in the United States, and confirmed that the only place safe from PFAS contamination were Meridian and Mississippi whose sources of water are from a 600 – foot – deep well.

“Earlier surveys conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the EWG have not shown such a widespread presence of the chemicals in drinking water.” She said.

The environmental group has therefore called for a more thorough nationwide look at the compounds in the drinking water and increased efforts to filter them by utilities.

Scientist Martin Shafer from University of Wisconsin said,” PFAS levels may not actually have changed, but we are now able to measure the levels.”

An agency spokesman also said that,” to date, EPA has developed methods to reliably detect 29 PFAS chemicals in drinking water.

He added that “Aggressively addressing PFAS will continue to be an EPA priority in 2020 and we will provide additional information on our upcoming actions as it becomes available.”

However, experts say the findings are preliminary, but concerning.

In his words, Nadine Kotlarz said, “This EWG study is certainly not comprehensive but gives some insight into how much contamination has been issued by past tests.”

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