Africa investigates first case of coronavirus in Ivory Coast

by Marufat Ibrahim
By Muizat Hameed
Ivory Coast Health Ministry has announced a suspected case of coronavirus in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
The suspected case, an unnamed 34 year old woman, who is currently undergoing further tests in isolation, after showing flu – like symptoms will be Africa’s first case of the china originated virus in Africa.
The Ministry of Health in a statement released yesterday said, “The woman has lived in China for the past five years and had shown flu – like symptoms before boarding the plane to Abidjan.”
It added that, “Her general state is satisfactory. There are, at this stage, suspicions of a case of pneumonia tied to the coronavirus.”
Consequently, Nigeria and other African countries have introduced extra screening on flights arriving from China.
However, the Wuhan residents had expressed anger that they were not informed earlier about the potential risks posed by the outbreak and the precautions to take.
This had prompted the Mayor of China, Zhou Xianwang to acknowledge the various criticism over the delayed release of information.
 While speaking to the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, he said, “We haven’t disclosed information in a timely manner and also did not use effective information to improve our work.”
He vouched to resign if it would help with public opinion but pointed out that the local government was obliged to seek permission before fully disclosing information about the virus and that their response has since become “tougher than others”.
The death toll from the virus has continued to rise to 81 with more than 2700 persons affected of which 400 are in critical condition.

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