Arabians suggest severe punishment for citizen tested positive for coronavirus

by MCR Correspondent

Citizens of Saudi Arabia have suggested severe punishment for the first Saudi Arabian who tested positive for COVID-19.

The citizens noted that the carrier of the deadly virus deserved punishment for using his body to carry coronavirus to the kingdom after visiting Iran.

“The man, who the health ministry said had been isolated in a hospital must receive the same punishment as an Islamic State group militant,” a citizen tweeted.

“The Saudi national who visited Iran – a country boycotted by the kingdom – and returned with coronavirus should be tried as a terrorist because he used his body as a booby-trap to harm others. What’s the difference between him and IS suicide bombers?” alShaikh, a journalist, tweeted in Arabic.

Similarly, Saudi writer and former UN worker Wafa Al-Rushaid said,”The man should be punished after he recovers from coronavirus for concealing the truth and putting others at risk”.

“He must be tried and receive maximum punishment after his treatment, because he intended to return and harm others, as well as for his presence in Iran – a hostile state,” one Twitter user said.

“He should be returned to Iran! Let them treat him there with their holy mullahs!” said another Twitter user who describes himself as a political scientists who “loves justice and abhors injustice”.

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