Nigerien youth receive training in market gardening

by MCR Correspondent

In a bid to address some of the economic difficulties faced by the Nigerien youth, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has organized several training courses for community members in the municipalities of Dirkou, Djado, Fachi and Bilma in the Kawar region.

The training aimed at equipping youth with the prerequisite skills needed to practice market gardening as a viable alternative.

The training which held on Wednesday March 4th 2020, was attended by over 100 community members in the selected areas.

A youn man from Fachi, northern Niger, who participated in the workshop confirmed that he was provided the tools he needs to improve and diversify his yield.

“I thought I was experienced, but after this training, I now realize that I was making mistakes,” he said.

“We also learned new farming methods that will allow us to increase our productivity and diversify our crops,” he explained.

The implementation of Niger’s law N°2015-36 criminalizing the smuggling of migrants in the country and the subsequent reduction in migration movements in the Kawar region, North-East Niger, has had a dramatic impact on economic opportunities, especially for young people.

At the training, young gardeners learned about the right conditions for production, techniques for growing different types of vegetables in a desert environment, as well as maintenance methods.

These technical sessions were delivered by experienced field trainers, working in close collaboration with authorities and monitoring committees.

Most of the participants had cultivated crops without having received any specific training.

The different phases of the five-day course included theoretical classes, practical exercises and an assessment of their newly acquired skills. The gardeners are committed to putting their learning into practice after the training.

“The outdoor exercises were really useful. I will surely be able to reproduce the pest management techniques we learned during the training,” said Salah, trained in Dirkou.

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