Ronaldhino, Brazilian football legend to remain in prison

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

Ranadhino a Brazilian football legend together with his brother Roberto Assis have been kept in prison.

Ranadhino and Roberto were arrested on the March 5th, 2020 for using counterfeited passports.

Ronaldhino left Brazil for Paraguay on the 4th March 2020 to attend unveiling of his Book of Life and to participate in Dalia López’s event, a businesswoman who was launching a non-governmental organization.

Both have therefore been kept in detention since their arrest by the Paraguay authorities without any possibility of bail as their case continues.

Attempt to bail them out on Saturday failed as the Paraguayan court rejected the bail reguest.

The judge, Gustavo Amarilla, said that, “Ronaldhno and his brother Roberto Assis are potential bail flight.”

On Tuesday March 10th, Ronaldhino offered $800,000 bail bond putting up a local businessman’s property to the court as collateral so that he could be placed under house arrest, an offer which was rejected by the judge, Gustavo Amarilla on the ground that the amount was tiny and basically for missing legal documents of the house.

“It’s a tiny amount given the economic solvency of one of the accused,” the judge said referring to Ronaldhino’s earning of at least $130 million during his career.

Sergio Queiroz, a Ronaldhino’s lawyer told the press that Ronaldhino and his brother Roberto confessed to using the fake passport.

”They confessed that they used these false passports,” he said.

Queiroz also said that there were no other cases investigated when prosecutors alleged that there were signs that other crimes might have been committed.

Queiroz therefore said that their detention is “arbitrary, abusive and illegal”

“The case as it was presented is clear. There is no other point being investigated, you can see that there in the documents,” he said.

Queiroz in another statement said that Ronaldhino did not know that the passport was not authentic and that the court should not hold that against him.

“Ronaldinho did not commit a crime because he did not know that the passport they gave him was faked,” he added.

Three other government officials, Shirley Elizabeth Delvalle 31, and Rosa Carolina Miranda, 40, Shirley Elizabeth Delvalle 31, and Rosa Carolina Miranda, 40,who are directed connected to the scandal have been arrested on Tuesday morning by the authorities.

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