AUDF organizes free disaster relief training for 1 million Africans

by Akeem Alao

The African Union Day Foundation (AUDF) has called for 1 million volunteers as it prepares for its 12th anniversary in September this year, according to a press release.

AUDF, which was founded in July 2006 by a group of patriotic Africans living in New York City, is aimed at promoting the work of the African Union and its developmental programs such as the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.

“Every year, AUDF gathers Africans in New York to celebrate the Africa Day on May 25, and African Union Day on September 8 and 9,” the press release states.

“It equally conducts information summits to address the current economic and social welfare of Africans.”

According to this year’s press release, the event usually involves delegates and leaders from six major regional teams, such as East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa and Diapspora Africa, plus national leaders from the 54 African countries and Diasporas.

Prominent among the programs of the Foundation is the promotion of the social, educational, economic and emotional welfare of the African child. Its age-long agitation has been inclusion of Africa-focused components in the existing school curricula.

In an exclusive interview with MCR/Parkchester Times correspondents, the convener of the Foundation, Sheikh Musa Drammeh said the event was aimed at celebrating the African Arts, cultures, heritage, education, entrepreneurship and contributing to growth and development of the continent.

He, however, noted that this year’s anniversary will take a new dimension.

“The 12th anniversary is designed to empower and train 1 million Africans across the globe in disaster relief service,” Drammeh said.

“We are dedicating this year’s celebration to recruit for African Rapid Relief Mobilization,” he added.

Meanwhile, this opportunity is open to candidates from anywhere in the world.

To achieve a successful celebration and training sessions, AUDF leverages this avenue to seeking donations of money, food, clothing, hospital equipment, medical products, vehicles and other resources from concerned persons, groups, associations, organizations and companies.

This year’s African Union Day Foundation, holding on September 8 and 9, is themed: “AFRICA IN THE DAYLIGHT”.

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