COVID-19: Teen commits suicide, dies in Hospitals

by Muizat Hameed

Emily Owen, an 18 year old teen has died after attempting to kill herself, thinking she could no longer cope with impending lockdown measures against Covid-19.

Emily was found and rushed into the critical care of pthe Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King Lynn, Norfolk, but all efforts proved abortive when she failed to regain consciousness.

Her family afterwards decided reluctantly to turn off her life support on Sunday.

The family wrote on a Facebook post on Saturday that, ‘ Our darling , beautiful , crazy daughter and sister tragically decided that she could no longer cope and tried to take her own life on Wednesday. She has been in critical care since then.”

“The decision has been made today to turn off her life support tomorrow afternoon, giving time for the hospital to prepare for organ donation, someth9imh she signed up for in 2012 when she was only 12 years old. That sums her up – always caring for other people.”

Commenting on the several messages after Emily’s death, the family wrote, “We are all absolutely devastated but also immensely proud of everything she has achieved in her life.”

“So many people have messaged s over the past five days saying how Emily helped them through hard times of their own and we had no idea how much positive impact she had on those around her.” the post added.

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