Covid-19: Ecobank supports Kenya, donates KES 10 million

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

Ecobank Kenya has donated KES 10 million to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The donation follows the appeals from the Kenyan government to individuals, corporate entities, development partners and multinational institutions to support the Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Giving remarks on bank’s donations on Wednesday April 15, 2020, Cheikh Travaly, Kenya MD & Regional Executive Central, Eastern and Southern Africa (CESA) said that the bank was ready to support the government in the struggle against the pandemic.

“As part of the community, we are happy to support the President’s call for all of us to unite in containing a pandemic that continues to ravage our society,” said Cheikh.

“We believe that our contribution will go a long way in supporting the purchase of the much-needed medical facilities and crucial equipment necessary for the containment of this disease,” he added.

Cheikh further lauded the effort of the government and medical frontline staff and emergency response team across the country as they work hard to battle and to contain the spread of Covid-19.

As every sections of the country are putting in place different necessary preventive measures against Covid-19, Pan African Bank as well last week disclosed several measures it has put in place across the nation to contain spread of the virus.

Such measures include temperature screening for staff and customers and promoting Covid-19 awareness across Kenya. It has also implemented a work from home program for staff and as well reviewed customer loan terms for those who might be hard pressed by the economic effects of Covid-19.

The emergency response fund was formed primarily to mobilize resources for emergency response to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The KES 10 million donated would be channeled through Emergency Response Fund.

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