Barcelona to sell stadium, donate revenues to fight Covid-19

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

For the first time since 1957, Barcelona has disclosed plan to sell the naming rights of Camp Nou Stadium, the biggest stadium in Europe with 99,000 capacity.

While disclosing this in a statement, the club said the stadium naming rights would be sold for one year, 2020/21 season, and the revenues generated would be donated towards the fight against coronavirus.

“In the next few weeks, the Barça Foundation, through the Club’s Commercial Area, will begin the process of finding a sponsor who wishes to acquire the title rights to Camp Nou for a season with the proceeds going to finance research projects and other projects involved in the battle against the effects of COVID-19, both at a local and international level,” the club disclosed in a statement.

The initiative is the first in the history of the club and it is a crucial move with which the club would make its impact in the battle against coronavirus pandemic.

“Barca are ceding those rights for a name to be put to Camp Nou for the very first time as the title rights are a commercial option that has never been exploited before,” the statement reads.

According to Jordi Cardoner, the club vice president, selling name rights initiative would serve as an opportunity for people to put their name on the stadium and that the club would use revenues generated from it to assist humanity.

“We want to send a universal message: For the first time someone will have the opportunity to put their name on Camp Nou and the revenues will go to all of humanity, not just Barca,” said Cardoner.

He further said that Camp Nou stadium which he referred to as crown jewel is to be used as an instrument in the struggle against Covid-19 pandemic.

“The initiative arose in an emergency situation. We think that we have to have a very quick response, putting our crown jewel at the service of the fight,” he added.

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