Israelis protest against deal between Netanyhu, Benny Gantz

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

Source: Reuters

Thousands of Israelis have staged another protest on the street of Tel Aviv protesting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new coalition deal with his formidable political rival, Benny Gantz.

The protest, which was held on Saturday May 2, 2020, would be the third of the three consecutive weekend protests demonstrating against Netanyahu deal.

The irate protesters are demonstrating against Netanyahu being in power after the coalition deal given the fact that he is awaiting trial on corruption charges.
Expressing their frustration the protesters were seen chanting, “Shame! Shame!”

Another protesters was seen carrying a picture of Netanyahu with a slogan,
“We Say No to a Corruption Government.”

While being conscious of the social distancing order, the protesters gathered at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv standing in rows at least two-meters apart from one another to protect against spread of Covid-19.

The protest was organized by an advocacy group in Israel called the Movement for Quality Government, which has filed a petition to the country’s Supreme Court demanding that Netanyahu and other indicted politicians should not be allowed to be part of the coalition government.

The deal between Netanyahu and Grantz would see the duo share power with each other with Netanyahu to serve as the Primie Minister for eighteen months while Grantz would take power and serve for the next eighteen.

It’s also part of the deal to annex parts of West Banks including Israel settlements which would commence early of July this year.

With the coalition now before the Supreme Court, Israel might be plunged into another election which would be fourth election in a row if the court dissolves the coalition.

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