Britain eases lockdown, sets out details to protect workplaces

by MCR Correspondent

Following the easing of the lockdown order in the country, the British government has disclosed plan to set out details on how to make workplaces safer.

As some businesses begin to return to work after Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out a cautious plan to suspend the coronavirus lockdown, British workplaces will be protected by some guidelines, which will be released today.

While disclosing this on Tuesday May 12, 2020, Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated that “The business ministry would set out details of how employers could make workplaces safer.”

“This stuff isn’t straight forward but we’ll be coming forward with a huge amount of more details on how to make work places safe today.

“We work not only with employers but also with the trade unions who last night called what we’re coming out with a step forward,” Hancock added.

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