Tunisian President renews support for Palestinians

by MCR Correspondent

Tunisian President Qais Saeed has renewed his supportive stands for Palestine and support for the Palestinian people.

This was disclosed on Tuesday May 19, 2020, by President Saeed during an iftar banquet he hosted for the ambassadors of Arab and Islamic countries.

While directing his greetings to the Palestinian people as a whole, he stated that he preferred to be the ambassador of Palestine to his right.

“We are still the people of Palestine on the Covenant. And the people will never lose their rights to their lands as long as there are free forces that crack the right, and you know how to deal with various conspiracies,” said Saeed.

He also expressed his confidence that “The land of Palestine will return to its rightful owners.”

President Saeed, who described the Palestinian people as the people of heroes, said that “Jerusalem, God willing, will be the capital of the independent state of Palestine.”

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