ICESCO invests in education, launches e-Learning in time of COVID-19

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

The Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has launched a series of educational lecture entitled “e-Learning in the time of COVID-19”.

As part of the comprehensive initiative, “ICESCO Digital Home”, is aimed at supporting efforts of member states in the fight against coronavirus and to mitigate its impact on education, science and culture.

In order to contribute to and ensure continuity of teaching process and quality, ICESCO has shown priority for professionalism and experts as series of lecture videos which are meant to be supplemental materials to the ICESCO course contents are produced by professionals in various fields such as education.

The lectures would feature a wide array of topics ranging from e-learning in the educational system; technology for teaching adults and literacy; technology in original education; and digital citizenship and cybersecurity.

The lectures are primarily for educational policy makers; educational officials; high-level professionals, teachers, and educators from the civil society; and students’ parents.

The series of lectures are intended to broaden prospective thinking on the future of education, anchor the “learning anywhere anytime” approach; contribute to the production of advanced technological resources and mediums for teaching and research; and urge member states to invest in the technology especially in the field of education.

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