UK to provide Covid-19 antibody on NHS once government seals deal

by Muizat Hameed

The United Kingdom government has disclosed plan to provide coronavirus antibody tests on the NHS.

While stating that NHS and care workers will be the first in line for the tests, UK government assured that the test will tell if a person has had the virus.

It is hoped that people who have already had the virus will develop some kind of immunity to it, though scientists are as yet unsure the extent to which this is the case for Covid-19.

Experts explained immunity to the disease is required to allow more people to return to normal life without disruptive lockdown measures.

The deal for the supply of the tests was signed byq Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company Roche. However, Health Secretary Matt Hancock is still expected to set out more details of the deal.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said, “The tests will be free for people who need them, as you would expect.”

“NHS and care workers will be prioritised for the tests,” he added

Some healthcare firms have suggested so-called “immunity passports” could be issued to people who have had the virus, and are in talks with the government over the policy.

Other experts have however said such a system would be impractical and the World Health Organisation has urged caution, warning there is not yet any evidence that people who have had the disease are immune.

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