Canada joins Somalia, Niger, others to celebrate Eid-el-Fitri on Saturday

by Marufat Ibrahim

The Crescent Council of Canada has declared Saturday May 23 ‘Eīd Al-Fiṭr, following confirmation of multiple moon sightings in Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Niger.

According to the council, sighting of the crescent in the region “was also scientifically possible through optical aid”.

Muslim scholar urges women to take centre stage in Islam“Our local scholars, Shaykh Saeed Rageah and Imam Hasan Usman have verified the sighting reports with authorities and scholars in the region, including the grand Mufti of Somalia, Mufti Muhammad Omar Direr. Based on this verified information, the Crescent Council of Canada declares ‘Eīd Al-Fiṭr (Shawwāl 1st,1441) for …, Saturday May 23, 2020,” official said.

Meanwhile in West Africa, Gambia, Mali, Niger and Ivory Coast have also declared Saturday the Eid day, following the moon sighted in Senegal.

The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council reversed its initial Sunday-Eid day declaration, having confirmed later that the crescent had been sighted in four countries in West Africa.

“The moon was sighted in Senegal, Mali, Niger and Ivory Coast,” the official said.

“In Senegal, they saw it in Kaolack and Dakar and the Islamic body there has said Saturday is Eid. Some parts of Nuimi also saw it but that one is across the border in Senegal,” the official added.

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