China accuses US of spreading political virus

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a news conference on Sunday 24th, 2020, hinted and warned against emerging “political virus” in the United State which is casing its politicians to attack and discredit China.

Wang Yi has criticized some US politicians whose actions are capable of severing the decades-long cooperation between the two countries as they seem to be pushing the two countries on “the brink of war”.

“This political virus is spreading in the US, and jumping at any opportunity to attack and slander China.

“Some politicians ignore the basic facts and make up countless lies and conspiracy theories against China,”
Wang Yi said.

US and China have witnessed rise in tensions between them over issues as coronavirus, Taiwan and Hong Kong’s status among other issues.

As regards coronavirus, China has been repeatedly accused by the US President Donald Trump, and American officials alike for mishandling the pandemic saying the virus emerged from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

They therefore demanded an investigation into the origin of the virus.

The China foreign minister remarked that the lawsuits seeking compensation over damages caused by coronavirus is “zero basis in fact, law or international precedence”.

“If anybody thought they could use some ludicrous lawsuits to undermine China’s sovereignty and dignity, or deprive the Chinese people of their hard won gains, they are daydreaming and bringing disgrace to themselves,” he said.

Mr Wang also warned the US not to cross China’s red line over the US recently improved relations with the Taiwan.

While acknowledging the fact that US and China do have many disagreements, Mr Wang specifically hinted on the need for the two nations to cooperate and work together especially in areas of economy to help mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

“It’s also true that we have many disagreements but that doesn’t preclude cooperation.” Wand noted.

Among other issues discussed at the press conference, Mr. Wang mentioned numerous international aids on COvid-19 and efforts being put in place to ensure strong ties with countries in and beyond the region including Aseans.

“China will continue to view Asean as a high priority in its neighbourhood diplomacy and support Asean centrality in East Asian cooperation,” said Wang

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