Covid-19: Saudi public sector resumes work May 31

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

The Saudi Arabian Minister of Human Resource and Social Development Ahmed bin Sulaiman al-Rajhi has disclosed in televised address on Tuesday May 26, 2020, that employees in public sectors in the Kingdom would return to their workplaces on May 31.

“After two months of closures, it is time to return to business and open activities, as it is an essential element in driving the economic wheel,” said al-Rajhi.

He noted that resuming to workplaces does not mean lifting the precautionary measures in place.

He also said that authorities are working around reviewing further precautionary measures for workers to ensure their safety as they return to work.

“The return of work and activities does not mean the lifting the precautionary measures and we are reviewing the precautionary procedures for the employees.

“We decided to implement a flexible departure system for workers’ safety to enter and exit to and from workplaces,” he noted.

This announcement came following decision by the government to ease lockdown restrictions starting from May 28 which would include resuming economic and financial activities, public movement from 6.00a.m to 3.00p.m in all areas but Mecca.

The Kingdom on Tuesday also announced that mosques would reopen for Friday prayers.

As of Tuesday, Saudi Arabia has recorded about 76,726 confirmed cases of the virus, 411 deaths and 48,450 recoveries.

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