US in long-term defense partnership with Saudi Arabia

by Abdulmumeen S. Yitta

The United States has committed a long-term defense partnership with Saudi Arabia, especially on regional air defense to deal with any “Iran-related emergencies.

This was disclosed by Pentagon spokesman, Sean Robertson, on Thursday May 28, 2020.

He stated that the US was committed to the long-term defense contracts with Saudi Arabia to strengthen the air defense capabilities in the region.

“The American forces maintain strong capabilities in the
regional operations, including air defense, to address any Iran-related emergencies as needed,” said Robertson.

Meanwhile, two of the US four Patriot anti-missile units were removed from Saudi Arabia earlier this month with only two left at Prince Sultan airbase.

Robertson disclosed that his statement was in response to some American press reports that there are chances of increased threat in the Middle East as the US reduces its forces or equipment in the region.

“We continue to work with the international community and the Saudi armed forces to strengthen regional air defense capabilities, and this is a multi-lateral and long-term effort.

“The US-Saudi defense partnership is long-term, and includes a range of aspects of cooperation, including counter-terrorism, maritime security and air defense,” Robertson said.

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