US records highest cases of Covid-19, reopens businesses in July

by Maruf Adedeji

In a space of 4 months, the US has passed 100,000 deaths in the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the John Hopkins University in Maryland tracking the pandemic, the US death toll stands at 100, 276 ranking first on the table followed by the UK and Italy in the second and third positions respectively.

The first US infection was reported in Washington State on 21 January. Currently, the US accounts for about 30% of the worldwide total 1.69 million confirmed coronavirus infections.

While the US death is still on the rise, health officials claim the actual death toll outnumbers the recorded count.

A Reuters study shows a stubbornly increasing number of new cases in the US in recent times, especially in metropolitan areas like Chicago, Los Angeles and Suburb Washington DC while the hard-hit states like New York has witnessed a drop in death rates.

The US president, Donald Trump has argued that it was ‘a badge of honour’ that the US had the world’s highest number of confirmed infections of the novel coronavirus because it meant the US testing was much better.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, Mr Trump’s likely Democratic Challenger in the upcoming White House election, later this year issued a condolences message directly to the grieving family.

He was critical on his twitter of the Trump administration’s handling of the crisis.

“This is a fateful milestone we should not have reached; it could have been awarded,” he said.

Despite the peak of coronavirus infection in the US, all 50 states in the American country have begun to ease COVID-19 rules in one way or another as some resorts and parks look forward to re-opening in July, subject to the governors’ approval.

The world still awaits the availability of the coronavirus vaccine; however, there are several being tested.

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